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Media Guidance for Ofsted Inspections

These guides are aimed at helping schools manage their own public relations regarding Ofsted inspections. Headteachers and school staff know how much time and effort goes into preparing for an Ofsted inspection.

Local newspapers often publicise Ofsted inspection results for their schools. Whether newspaper coverage is criticising a poor result or celebrating a good one, it can have a major effect on the public's perception of a school.

Many schools are keen to get ahead in this respect by managing their own public relations. This will help you and your school be proactive in shouting about the good news, or defensive in minimising bad publicity if the Ofsted inspectors' findings were disappointing.

Examples of Press Releases from Previous Ofsted Inspections

Celebrating an Outstanding Inspection (31 Kb)
School Challenges Ofsted (29 Kb)
School Determined to Improve (28 Kb)
School Moves Out of Special Measures (29 Kb)
School Standards Going Up (31 Kb)

Further Information

If you have any queries or you would like the Communications and Marketing team to read your Ofsted press release please email