Families First in Schools

 Schools have pastoral care and inclusion systems that cope well with the problems of most pupils.

However, when a minority start to show signs of sustained lack of motivation and engagement, misbehaviour, poor attendance, truancy and chaotic family relationships you may look for additional professional support.

Families First is a new way of working that brings together the full range of front-line services that deliver to children, young people or their families. It involves:

  • Working together in multi-disciplinary teams built around the needs of children, young people and families
  • Focusing on early intervention
  • Using common processes designed to create and support integrated working

The aim of Families First is to ensure that all children, young people and families in Staffordshire receive the right help at the right time in the right way.

It is about practitioners ensuring that any unmet additional needs (physical; emotional; social; psychological and environmental) are identified and addressed early across all levels so that every child or young person has the best chance of meeting their full potential.

It is about services working seamlessly in an integrated manner for the community they serve.

Families First means:

  • Earlier, holistic identification of needs
  • Earlier, more effective intervention
  • Improved information sharing across agencies
  • Better service experience for children and families.