Minority Ethnic Achievement Service

What's it for?

The Staffordshire Minority Ethnic Achievement Service (MEAS) aims to help schools by:

  • Supporting the inclusion of minority ethnic pupils.
  • Promoting diversity.
  • Preventing racism.

Staffordshire is a county of increasing diversity. There are now over 150 languages spoken by pupils in Staffordshire schools. The most common, other than English, are Mirpuri Punjabi, Urdu and Polish. 

Most minority ethnic pupils are distributed thinly across a large number of schools. Burton on Trent is the area where most linguistic and cultural diversity is found, particularly  since it was designated a growth zone and welcomed newcomers from many parts of the globe.

What we do

We help schools raise the achievement of all minority ethnic pupils, with particular support for underperforming minority ethnic groups. 

Please get in touch if you require more information about our role and work by emailing meas@entrust-ed.co.uk

You have a new arrival with english as an additional languange?

Staffordshire maintained schools and settings which are not in receipt of EMA grant funding can request help in supporting a new arrival with english as an additional language.

If you are  not sure if this applies please get in touch with meas@entrust-ed.co.uk and we will advise you regarding your status.

Please complete the documents below:

Return them via email to: meas@staffordshire.gov.uk

Asylum seekers or refugees

If the new arrival comes from an asylum seeking or refugee background please complete the notification of new arrival form above.

Complete the request for funding form below:

Non maintained schools can request support but should note that this will incur a charge (to be negotiated prior to visit/support).

Linguistic and cultural mediators

We have a team who can assist schools in receipt of newly arrived families.

They can :

  • Act as interpreter at admissions or other meetings with parents and staff.
  • Support child and family in the first few days at school helping them make sense of how schools work in Staffordshire - this is in a mentoring role rather than as a bilingual support assistant.
  • Support parent/staff at parents evening.
  • Attend meetings with parents and school staff and other professionals e.g. school nurse regarding health care matters.
  • Translate simple letters home for parents and from home to school.
  • Provide support for linguistic and cultural diversity events.

They may also support our consultants in carrying out first language assessments of newly arrived pupils or any english as an additional language pupil causing concerns.

The support package we offer for your new arrival includes linguistic and cultural mediator support provided we have someone who speaks that particular language.

Please note: this is for maintained schools only. 

What if I need additional support?

This might be at a parent's evening, various meetings etc., when interpretation is required or when you need a letter or document translated for your english as an additional language families.

Please get in touch for full details and charges by emailing meas@entrust-ed.co.uk

Please note: the rate of charging to LA maintained schools is currently subsidised. Also LCMs cannot be used in any meeting relating to statementing.


If your school is an academy please get in touch with us for the relevant form and pricing structure.

How do I develop and extend cultural understanding in school?

We can assist you with bespoke packages to underpin cultural and linguistic diversity using the linguistic and cultural mediators. Please get in touch for more details.