Central Support Services, Business Support (Kingston Centre)

The Business Support Team are based at the Kingston Centre, Stafford.  They provide effective and efficient support for Service staff.  Providing the support is essential to service delivery and the Business Support Team play an important role in providing a business support service to everyone accessing the Service.

Business Support Team Contact Details:

Steve Lycett - Head of Service (Business Manager, Support Services)

Jacquie Clifford - Business Support Manager
Tel:  01785 277042
Email:  jacquie.clifford@staffordshire.gov.uk

Elizabeth Burgess - Deputy Office Manager,
30 hours (days of work: Mon-Thurs, term time)
Tel: 01785 356831 or 01785 356830
Email:  elizabeth.burgess@staffordshire.gov.uk

Rachel Cox - Administrative Assistant
18.5 hours  (days of work: Mon-Fri, afternoons)
Tel:  01785 356970 or 01785 356830
Email:  rachel.cox@staffordshire.gov.uk

Karen Cooper - Administrative Assistant 
18.5 hours (days of work: Wed, Thurs and Friday a.m, term time)
Tel:  01785 356926 or 01785 356830
Email:  karen.cooper@staffordshire.gov.uk

Hayley Pritchard - Administrative Assistant / Resource Technician
22 hours (days of work: Mon, Tue and Fri)
Tel: 01785 356390 or 01785 356830
Email: hayley.pritchard@staffordshire.gov.uk

Office hours:
Mon-Thurs - 8:30a.m. - 5:00p.m.
Fri - 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Business Support Team
Specialist Support Service
Kingston Centre
Stafford, ST16 3TW

Main Telephone Line:  01785 356830
Fax: 01785 356841