Support for children and young people with a visual impairment

The Visual Impairment Team supports children and young people (C&YP) with a visual impairment at home, in early years settings, mainstream and special schools. This support continues throughout school and into further education. This forms part of Staffordshire's Local Offer.

Qualified and experienced Specialist Teachers of the Visually Impaired, Mobility Officers, Intervenors (who work with C&YP with sensory impairments with additional needs) and Communication Support Workers (Specialist Teaching Assistants) work in partnership with parents teachers and other professionals to provide support to each individual. 

What we do

  • visit homes, pre-school groups, nurseries, schools and colleges
  • give advice, information and support to parents/carers and professionals about assisting the C&YP to make optimum use of their vision 
  • offer training to the setting
  • assess and monitor functional vision
  • assessment of educational need
  • advice for teachers and parents/carers on access to the curriculum in mainstream and special schools
  • teaching of specialist skills: e.g. Braille or Moon
  • assessment of the need for specialist equipment and training in its use
  • advice on and provision of adapted materials in large print, Braille or Moon
  • mobility assessment and training
  • screen assessments for ICT
  • touch typing lessons
  • training in the use of low vision aids