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The admission into school of children previously in care outside of England

The DfE have asked the County Council to draw to the attention of schools who operate as their own admission authority correspondence relating to the admission of children who have previously been in care outside of England.

Given the lack of time available to consult on the suggested change for 19/20, we are suggesting that schools give consideration to consulting during the Autumn Term 2018 in time for a change to be made for the determined 20/21 admission arrangements. 

To summarise: 

For the purposes of admissions, the term PLAC is defined in paragraph 1.7 of the Admissions Code as children who were looked after (by an LA in England), but ceased to be so because they were, immediately after being looked after, adopted became subject to a child arrangements order or special guardianship order.  

However, following the Children and Social Work Act 2017, the role of Virtual School Heads and designated teachers have been extended to include children who left care under adoption, special guardianship or child arrangements order or were adopted from ‘state care’ outside England and Wales.   

It is recommended that admission authorities give second highest priority to this group of children within their admission arrangements. 

Should the law change in respect of this area over the next 12 months then we shall of course communicate these changes to you.

Nursery Admissions

Please view the example documents relating to nursery admissions that are now available, further to recent communication received regarding flexible arrangements.

School Admissions Update September 2017

The briefing note includes some reminders regarding:

In Year Admissions Process; operation of waiting lists; online school applications; information for distribution to parents; PRIME; school websites; individual officer contacts for the team.

New Looked After Children In Year Process

Please see the new in year admissions process for looked after children without an EHCP and the relevant in year application form:

New regulations - Advising parents of choices relating to UTCs and other schools with an atypical age range

We have recently been advised that new regulations will be introduced requiring Local Authorities to advise parents of Year 9 pupils attending Schools within the County about the availability of UTCs (or other schools with an a-typical age range) in the local area (and beyond, where these establishments are within a reasonable travel distance) by 14 March 2017.

Since all schools have a statutory duty to impart impartial careers guidance to pupils between years 8 and 13 and to make them aware of all opportunities available to them, we will require your support in enabling this information to be distributed to parents of those children concerned.

Please see the letter below from the DfE advising the local authority of it’s new responsibility.

In-year admissions - Children without a school place 2016-17 

Please see the analysis of children known to the School Admissions Service who were without a school place for more than 4 weeks:

Children placed 'out of year' guidance

Summer-born children

The Department for Education has issued advice in relation to the admissions of summer born children. It is non-statutory, and has been produced to help local authorities, school admission authorities and parents understand the framework within which admission authorities must operate. 

Early and deferred entry

Please see below information regarding early and deferred entry:

Statutory changes to income assessed free school meals

Important statutory changes are taking place regarding income assessed free school meals from 1 April 2018. Please see the document below for full details

Statutory changes to income assessed free school meals from 1 April 2018  

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