Staff Club

''Our purpose

We're here to provide a work/life balance and provide a venue for the sporting and social needs of employees and ex-employees of Staffordshire County Council and other related public service bodies. This includes other organisations which used to come under the umbrella of County Council functions e.g. Probation Service, Police, Prison Service, and an increasing number of others as the council becomes more cost-effective in its operations. As well as automatic eligibility for membership through one of the above organisations, Associate Membership is available for those who do not fulfil the employment or ex-employment criteria.

Membership of the Club is not automatic and persons eligible must opt in. In line with many other functions, the Club is self-financing and therefore there is a nominal charge for Membership.

Services we provide include:

  •  Licenced Club premises at Eastgate Street, Stafford
  •  Bowling Green at Silkmore Lane
  •  Managing agent for Shugborough playing fields
  •  Organised trips and tours
  •  Meeting rooms
  •  Catering function including hot meal provision at lunchtimes (Monday to Friday).