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Sustainable Travel

We work enthusiastically to encourage responsible car use and sustainable transport choices both within the County Council and across Staffordshire as a whole.

The aim is to promote the benefits of healthier lifestyles and active travel, reduce congestion and lessen the effects of emissions from transport. These complement the County's commitments to reducing the organisation's impacts on climate change.

A travel plan is not designed to be anti car. Instead it aims to encourage wiser car use and offer help with alternative travel choices. The county council acknowledges that personal travel requirements can vary greatly and can alter on a daily basis and therefore encourages a ‘pick and mix’ approach to the forms of transport used. This section introduces the initiatives and incentives available. Modes addressed include:

  • Car sharing.
  • Public transport.
  • Walking.
  • Cycling.
  • Mopeds, scooters and motorcycles.

To support these options, the county council has:

  • Removed the essential car user requirement to bring a car to work every day.
  • Guaranteed a free ride home in an emergency or if required to stay late at work to those who have left their car at home.
  • Provided a small fleet of pool cars in Stafford where the main offices are based.